Payroll and employment services

The payroll and labour services outgrown themselves into a completely separate field from the accounting services. Our highly qualified staff takes care of all matters related to this field.

Without being exhaustive, the tasks cover the folowing:

  • administrating the master data of the employees
  • preparing of the monthly payroll
  • payroll accounting of the wage supplemenst and other allowances
  • electronic data reporting of the wages and contributions
  • preparing the voluntary pension declarations
  • performing data reports
  • preparing labour and wage statistics
  • preparing the list of payable taxes and contributions from the payroll data
  • providing labour records and statistics upon request
  • checking in and out electronically the people who have insurance obligations towards the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary
  • payroll accounting the sick-leave allowances for the company
  • payroll accounting the monthly gross salaries of the employees according to the absences, leaves and the attendance sheets
  • payroll accounting the agency fees, member’s withdrawals, dividends and other allowances
  • accounting and administrating the fringe benefits
  • reckoning of the leaving employees, issuing the required certificates related to the termination of the employments
  • determining and administrating the annual leaves
  • administrating the sickness and child care benefits
  • representing our partners during a tax audit
  • providing feedback on the audit report
  • providing professional help in cases of appeals
  • representing our partners on the second degree